Wounded Warriors

Lord, I cannot comprehend
The pain our soldiers endure
Or the sacrifice they make
To keep our freedom sure

May You dwell within them
And give them peace of mind
In their injured weakness, Lord
May it be Your strength they find

Draw them close to You
And answer their every doubt
Let them see You always near
Every time they want to shout

Only You know their thoughts
For You were always there
Never forsaking, Love abides
Always present, constant care

Silent heroes, wounded warriors
Ones that carry the pain
So I lift them up to You
To heal and make whole again

Parts of their bodies may be gone
But wholeness comes from within
You can use them, Lord
Just show them how and when

May they seek You daily, Lord
To get through life again
Embrace their hearts and minds
Wounded warriors will fight - and win


The enemy is now at hand
Depression, anger and pain
Use your training to face each one
And freedom from them gain

Warriors you will always be
Now fight for a different cause
The battle is the Lord's.
Think on that and pause

He's the Commander now
Your Eternal battle was won
The greatest Wounded Warrior
Was Jesus Christ, God's only Son

He lifted His eyes to God above
When pain was too hard to bear
He, too, thought he was forsaken
But God was always there

Stripes on His Holy back
Blood freely pouring down
He understands your every pain
And memories that cause a frown

He came out victorious
And can give you victory too
Rely on Him my wounded friends
Warriors, each one of you

I pray for courage and strength
To fight the battles ahead
Remember the Lord is near you
"I will never forsake thee!" He said

Lucy A Cain 7/07