The blood of men flows ever out
As raging rivers to the sea
There seems to be an endless source
From long lost memory

The young men come to volunteer
To shed their blood once more
They've heard the call to bleed again
Upon some distant shore

Why is the call to die so strong
That men will heed the call
Or do they think they're not the ones
Who'll take the final fall.

It's always someone else who dies
Not we who volunteer
We think we'll never be the one
And laugh to hide our fear

But deep within our inner souls
We know we may be wrong
That death may be around the turn
Our life may not be long

But never mind we heard the call
We line up in our ranks
And a grateful nation will be there
To give us all their thanks

They'll build for us a monument
Young boys will come to stare
And they will be the next to go
To shed their blood somewhere.