Look God

Look God
I Have Never Spoken To You
But Now I Want To Say
"How Do You Do"

You See God
They Told Me You Did Not Exist
And, Like A Fool
I Believed All Of This

Last Night From A Shell Hole
I Saw Your Sky
I Figured Right Then
They Had Told Me A Lie

Had I Taken The Time
To See The Things You Made
I Would Know They Weren't Calling
A Spade A Spade

I Wonder, God
If You Would Shake My Hand
Somehow, I Feel
That You Will Understand

Strange, I Had To Come
To This Hellish Place
Before I Had Time To See Your Face

Well, I Guess There Isn't
Much More To Say
But I Am Glad, God
I Met You Today

I Guess The Zero Hour
Will Soon Be Here
But I Am Not Afraid
Since I Know You Are Near

The Signal - Well, God
I Will Have To Go
I Love You Lots'
This I Want You To Know

Looks Like This Will Be
A Horrible Fight
Who Knows, I May Come
To Your House Tonight

Though I Wasn't Friendly
With You Before
I Wonder, God
If You Would Wait At The Door

Look I Am Crying
Me Shedding Tears!!
I Wish I Had Known You
These Many Years

Well, I Will Have To Go Now, God
Strange, Since I Met You
I Am Not Araid To Die

Shades Of Laughter... Shades Of Love
Circling All Of Us... With Arms Of Love

Don't Cry Momma... I Love You Still
I Always Have And I Always Will

When You Cross The Big Divide
I Promise... I'll Be The First One By Your Side!

CopyRight © 1968- 2006
Mike Schafernocker
Used With Permomisson Of Mike's Mom