Just Passing Through

by Ellen Bailey

People often say we are Pilgrims, just passing through
And if we think about it, this statement is probably true
We are here for a little while, but don't known for how long
We won't be coming back again, not after we are gone

Each tomorrow gives us another chance to choose
The path we will follow, as through life we cruise
We can follow in the footsteps that Jesus left for us
Or we can venture out on our own, if we really must

But we can all be better Pilgrims, while passing through
If we help spread some kindness, and a little charity too
When we meet someone in need, we should try to help
Happiness comes from helping others, not just ourselves

The history of our pilgrimage will be recorded somewhere
And those who journey after us will know we were there
Let us leave them a well-worn path, that is clearly defined
Marked with acts of generosity, and lots of goodwill signs