In My World Of Silence

My world can be so silent
And it sometimes brings a tear
The laughter of the children
I long one day to hear

To hear their little voices
As they play their childhood games
Longing to hear them sing their songs
And pray in Jesus name

To hear the birds each morning
Greeting another day
But my world is one of silence
One that’s hard to convey

I wish I could express to you
But I really don’t know how
I’m not sure that you would understand
What I’m sharing with you now

For it can be real lonely
When I feel I’m not a part
Of what I see around me
It often tugs at my heart

But though our two worlds differ
Jesus is by my side
It’s in this common faith we share
God’s love in us abides

For He is the hope I have
And the new song on my lips
My hearing may be limited
But my spirit connects with His

And with my fellow believers
As we worship side by side
For I have found no greater love
Than the love of Jesus Christ

© By M.S.Lowndes